February 17, 2017

Pastor Travis Roberson

You know that thing that you desire so much...The thing that if you had it would solve everything... wealth, fame, power, honor, pleasure???
God said "It" whatever "It" is.... is not even worthy to be compared to knowing Him and the Wisdom of His Word!
Proverbs 3:14-15 For the merchandise of IT(Wisdom) is better than (greater than >) the merchandise of silver and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies and ALL the THINGS that thou canst DESIRE are NOT WORTHY to be COMPARED unto HER (WISDOM)
"You can chase after THINGS and struggle, worry, be unhappy, stress and lack... or you can Seek GODS WISDOM first and then.... Happiness (Proverbs 3:13), Length of Days (meaning productive days!) and Health-Long Life, Riches and Honor (Proverbs 3:16) Pleasant Days and Peace (Proverbs 3:17) shall ALL COME TO YOU AUTOMATICALLY!
Wisdom Cries Out!

February 18,2017

The Truth does not set you free.......Shocked

Pastor Travis Roberson

The Truth does not set you free.......Shocked? You may say I thought Jesus said that.
Listen closely to what Jesus said in John 8:31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my Word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you Free.
It's not the Truth that makes you Free but it's the Truth that you KNOW that makes you Free! Think about it.... Jesus said I am the way, the TRUTH and the life and he is always with you. If just the presence of truth would set you free we'd all already be free in all areas of our lives because he's always present. But....If you KNOW the TRUTH you can't help but be Free! We know the Truth by continuing in His Word. We continue in his Word by hearing, studying, meditating on, and living Gods Word. Do this and you WILL KNOW THE TRUTH and IT (the Truth you know) WILL MAKE YOU FREE!

February 20, 2017


Pastor Travis Roberson

Decisions, decisions.... EASIER THAN YOU THINK!
Are you taking "shots in the dark"? Hoping and trying to hit God's plan for your life?
God gave us the equivalent of a Laser Guidance System for making decisions but MOST DON'T KNOW about it let alone USE IT!! This will teach you how to make Life's Decisions with PINPOINT ACCURACY EVERYTIME!!
We all come to crossroads in our lives where we must make decisions or choose paths and some are crucial.
How can I know I'm going in the right direction?
The first step is always Prayer (Proverbs 3:6) PRAYER IS MIGHTY!!
But what do we do if we've Prayed and still don't have clarity about which path to choose?
God gave you a tool I call GODS PEACE SYSTEM- (GPS)!
Here's how it works. Simply
follow after Peace and you can never go wrong. The devil can't counterfeit Peace! The Children of Israel followed the cloud by day and the fire by night (The Spirit of the Lord). We can't see a physical cloud or fire but we are to still "be led by the Spirit". One of the fruits of the Spirit is Peace. To be led by the Spirit is to be led by Peace.
Colossians 3:15 says "Let the Peace of God rule in your heart." The Word "rule" is the same Word we get "umpire" from. So literally we are to let Peace umpire our lives.
If you have Peace, it's safe. If you have no Peace, it's Out!
I simply consider the options and FOLLOW after the one that gives me PEACE....
I've lived by this Truth of Gods Word for years and since then I've PROSPERED and lived in the BLESSING more accidentally than I ever did on purpose!


February 22,2017

The CURE for Lack of Peace!

Pastor Travis Roberson

This is a follow up to my -WISDOM>GOLD- short teaching titled "Decisions Decisions". A must read available on our FB page! In it I shared that God spoke to me years ago that "just as the Children of Israel followed the cloud and fire, we follow Peace". But now, what about if you have no Peace whatsoever....
First, let's diagnose this lack of Peace: God says to be Spiritually minded (Word Focused) is (equals) Life and Peace! But to be Carnally minded (only considering what you see, Not God and his Promises) is (equals) Death (anxiety & depression)! Jesus said "MY PEACE I LEAVE with YOU!" If your a child of God you have Peace within you. It's one of the Fruits of the Spirit. Why can't I feel Peace you may say? Because your THINKING IS FOCUSED on the cares and storms of this World. When Jesus and the disciples were on the Sea and the storm arose the disciples LOOKED AT the storm/SPOKE ABOUT the storm and PANICKED! Jesus simply LOOKED AT GOD (his Promises)/SPOKE TO the storm from a place of PEACE! The disciples were considering the power of the storm and the "what ifs", Jesus was considering the POWER of the FATHERS PROMISES and simply released what he had on the inside. PEACE! THATS AWESOME! You can't give what you don't have. Jesus didn't let the storm on the inside by thinking on it, he had PEACE! You won't beat the storms by thinking on the storms and how big they are. You beat the storms by thinking on how BIG GOD IS and how he said YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!
FIX your mind on the Word and Promises of God and you can't chase Peace away! Thank You Jesus!

February 28, 2017

But...I don't FEEL Gods Love!

Pastor Travis Roberson

1 John 3:16 says... Hereby Perceive we the Love of God, because He laid down his life for us.... What an Awesome statement! Most people think "If God really Loved me that much I'd feel it" but God said "No, THE way to know and Perceive Gods Love is not through how you feel but through the Truth of his Word and Through what he did for you!" Feelings change, Truth doesn't! Emotions change, What God did for you on the Cross because he Loves you will never change. It's already finished! God Loves you, Period!
At a time when the world is trying to teach us ("the council of the ungodly" talked about in Psalms 1:1....and God says Blessed or Happy are you who don't walk in THAT council) to be more "in touch with our feelings" it will serve us well to know that feelings are not always an accurate indication of what is True. Actually, we need to be less sensitive to how we feel and more trained in the Knowledge of Truth! God said we are to walk by FAITH, not by sight (our senses, including feelings).
Your feelings are more tied to what you BELIEVE to be true than what IS True. For example, if I was to call you and say you've won our Grand Prize of $1 million dollars, if you actually believed it your feelings would erupt into joy and excitement.... even if it was a lie! Your feelings don't know a lie from the Truth. There are a lot of lessons to draw from this but today's is that the TRUTH is, God Loves You and cares about You more than you can comprehend! He Loves you unconditionally, and without beginning or end. God will never Love You more or Love You any less than he does right now. You may perceive Gods Love more or less at times but the TRUTH is He Loves you Perfectly (Gods Full and Perfect Love). God Loves you so much that even while you were a sinner, and you didn't care about him at all, he sent his ONLY SON TO DIE FOR YOU! That's while you were a sinner and living in sin.
Am I saying we should just continue in sin because it don't matter? God forbid! But this question came up 6 times in scripture when Paul was preaching the Gospel... if the teaching or preaching your hearing never raises that question, then your not hearing the same pure Gospel that Paul preached!
The Gospel correctly preached will make you realize how much God Loves you and in turn will CAUSE you to Love God! When you Love God you WANT to do what is pleasing in his sight.
Religion (mankinds religious ideology) teaches that "if you do good... God WILL Love You... "
The True Gospel teaches "God DOES Love You" and when you KNOW this it will CAUSE you to do Good!
Many try to put the cart before the horse and wonder why it don't work. Religion only Loves Good people, Christ Loves Sinners (so much I might add that he wants to help them overcome sins bondage in their lives!) Religion leaves many behind, wounded and dying... Jesus says "of all that will come to me, I will in NO WISE (for any reason) cast out"!
Inform your feelings today...and say "God Loves Me!"

To keep these teachings short, I have to leave out many important points. I encourage you to check out our sermons on our Website

March 3, 2017

Being and speaking NEGATIVE STINKS!

Pastor Travis Roberson

Yes, demons do exist. Just because someone denies it doesn't exempt them from the effects of this Truth any more than denying gravity exempts them from its effects. It just means they will find their way DOWN much quicker! Here's a quick lesson from Gods Word.
Just like we use bug spray to keep mosquitoes away (especially in AK!) Positive speaking keeps the devil away (resist the devil)! God says Life and Death are in the power of the Tongue. Just like death in the natural puts off a stink that attracts flies and vultures, words of death put off a stink in the spiritual realm attracting demons. Jesus said they come only to steal, kill and destroy! Wow, who would willingly invite someone into their lives to steal, kill and destroy but yet that's what we're doing when we speak negative (death). God says HE INHABITS the PRAISE of his people. It seems satan and the demons INHABIT the griping and negative speech. I have personally seen and can give many examples of bad things happening while people are speaking negative (death) and it's because people have surrounded themselves with demons by loose talk. Hebrews 1:14 teaches Angels are ministering spirits sent to serve Gods Children as ministers of life, so I believe it's safe to assume that demons are ministers of death and destruction and they are happy to serve it up! Let's agree together, pray and turn our tongues toward life... Father in the name of Jesus we believe and receive your Word and we turn from all negative speaking, griping, complaining, lying, dirty and hateful talk now. Holy Spirit we thank you for leading us into Positive and Life Filled Words only. We know that as we are speaking Good Positive and Godly Words that ABUNDANT LIFE fills us, surrounds us and causes our youth to endure and even be renewed (Psalms 103:5)! Thank you Jesus!

March 3, 2017

Freedom to say "I DON'T CARE!"

Pastor Travis Roberson

Believe it or not, one of the greatest enemies to your health, happiness and quality of life is stress and worrying. Most don't like the worrying, being stressed, the pressure of decision making, the what ifs, the how's and other cares of this world....But most feel it's just necessary. That's part of being an adult, right? WRONG!
THE REASON this is such a serious problem is because most don't think that IT IS a PROBLEM. Most people feel justified in carrying the cares of life because after all who will do it if I don't? Well, apart from God this would be correct but...The Lord is your Shepherd, HE is responsible for you!
God never intended for you to live life worried or stressed! He told us to cast our cares on him for he cares for us. This casting is not like casting while fishing... you don't reel it back in! Its like casting a stone, with force and finality! Remember this... as long as you carry the cares, burdens... they are yours to solve. The quicker you cast these on God... the quicker God (the Greatest problem solver) has access to it to solve it. As long as you are trying to fix it, he can't. He will not violate your will. But as soon as you turn it over to him, he's got it! His responsibility is to care for you, supply your needs and direct your steps. Your responsibility is to LOVE and SEEK him and to simply be ready to make a move when he tells you. I regularly ask the Holy Spirit to search my heart and mind and reveal anything that is occupying my mind and taking my focus from God and his Word. When he shows me what I'm thinking or worrying on... I say "THANK YOU FATHER THAT THATS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY, ITS YOURS!" My responsibility is to Love God, Love People and Live Free in Christ! HE has MY cares on HIS mind, then when he tells me make a move, I simply do it and go back to enjoying Life in Him. You may say you can't live like that! I can and I do! It's been working for me for years, I Live in Joy and Peace! Remember, the joy of the Lord is your Strength! It impossible to stay in Joy worrying and therefore it's impossible to STAY STRONG and operate at your best while worrying! Well Pastor, your life isn't as complex as mine! Mine hasn't exactly been Simple! Me and Kim have worked for the man, owned our own business, worked in Law enforcement, paid bills, raised kids, owned homes, moved 4500 miles away from home... knowing no one and having no job on the other end... we've dealt with relationship struggles, heavy financial burdens, dealt with the many responsibilities of Pastoring a Church... we've had storms etc. but I can honestly say, since we've learned to let God do what he does... I can't remember the last bad day we've had! Life is Good! One of the best but most overlooked benefits of being a child of God is the FREEDOM, JOY and PEACE that comes with TRUSTING HIM TO CARE FOR YOU!

March 14, 2017

Don't make friends with an angry man!

Pastor Travis Roberson

This verse, Proverbs 22:24 (Make no friendship with an angry man; and with a furious man (hot tempered) you shall not go: KJV) has saved me and delivered me from the snares of the enemy more than once in my life!
We all know someone who is explosive. They wear their feelings on their shoulders and blow up at anything that strikes them wrong.
If you make friends with this person you are asking for trouble and strife... Even if the person is very friendly to you but easily blows their top on others, watch out! It's only a matter of time till a war of words or worse will break out. Of course we Love them, Bless them, pray for and minister to them as given opportunity but this Word of warning along with many others in the Word of God teaches us to be discerning, wise and led as to who we connect with on a friend level.
What causes this lack of temperance (in a Christian?)
Here are a few common causes:
-Not really knowing God/His True Nature (This is really the root of all sin because to know him is to Love him and if you Love him you will automatically keep his commandments. 1 John)
-Self centeredness, Self Focus instead of Christ and others focused.
-They are not Established or Settled. This is a big one that many don't know about! Isaiah 54:14 says "in Righteousness you SHALL BE established". You are established and settled by knowing your right standing with God. Not knowing who they really are causes lack of Peace, insecurities and unsettledness. If they knew God created them righteous and that they are now the righteousness of God in Christ, then the fruit of that righteousness is Peace. Jesus told the Sons of Thunder (as they were about to call down fire from heaven to destroy a group that had rejected the Lord Jesus!) that they just didn't know what manner of Spirit they were in Luke 9:54-55 KJV.
When you are SETTLED and SECURE in who you are, others words and actions don't bother you so much! This is because your emotions and stability are anchored in your relationship with God, which Thank You Jesus... NEVER CHANGES! You know NO weapon formed against you will prosper and EVERY tongue that rises against you will be judged!
Rather than being settled and rooted in Gods Love and Word they are rooted in something shallow and superficial, things of this world (Mark 4 Jesus addresses this in the sower and the seed). You could say this person is shallow meaning they aren't settled and jump from thing to thing, always looking for the next New thing. Just like you can tell when a river is shallow by the churning, so a person who's emotions are churning and unsettled is shallow.
The cure: Since one of the causes is never staying focused on Anything (especially God) long enough to be deeply rooted... the cure is to Meditate (stay mindful) of Gods Love, Word and Promises to you and it will drive the roots of Peace deep in the soil of your heart! When you KNOW YOU HAVE The Real Thing you can't help but be Satisfied and Peaceful!
Be Blessed!