Meet The Pastors

SENIOR PASTOR Travis and Kimberly Roberson

In 2011 God led Pastor Travis and Kimberly (along with their two children Caleb & Katlyn) to move to Anchorage Alaska from Maryville, TN where he had a ministry opportunity awaiting them. Having never been to or having any connections in Alaska they took a step of faith and stepped away from the security of their employment and moved to Anchorage.

In early November 2011 by the leading of the Holy Spirit Travis and Kimberly started attending Anchorage Faith and Family Church under Pastors Brant and Tamera Barker. A short while later God's plan started unfolding when God directed the pastor to turn the church over to Travis.
In July 2012 Pastor Travis took leadership and changed the name to Anchorage Free Life Church.

After receiving a strong revelation of God's love toward his children Travis is excited about sharing the Gospel with a strong emphasis on God's Grace and Love toward his children through Jesus Christ. The Word of God is your way to enjoying FREEDOM and a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with God. Come and Worship with a warm and loving church family and learn how to enjoy the ABUNDANT LIFE JESUS purchased for you!